Episode 13 - Shrimp Aquaculture Standards - January 26th, 2011

A big breakfast myth is shattered, in-store kiosks that can tell you what to eat by recognizing your face, shrimp aquaculture standards finally come under review, a call for organic label standards and a preview of the National Grocers Association ConAgra Foods 2011 Consumer Panel Survey - for the week of January 24, 2011. This is Food News Today.

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>Good Morning.  News out of Washington. With much controversy over what is and what is not organic over the past couple of years, The US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking comments on draft guidance for the labeling of products that contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients. Comments must be submitted before March 14, 2011. Instructions on how to submit comments are available in the Federal Register in the information links on your left.Immediately following Food News Today, we continue with a live discussion in our chat room below. Please  sign in and join us. Food News Today is sponsored by ConAgra Foods, who shares with me the desire to provide the most current, interesting and unbiased food news.>In our Nutrition lead story this week comes a study that suggests that eating a Big Breakfast May Not Lead to Fewer Daily Calories   This time, mom may not have been right - as researchers have discovered that large morning meal doesn't prevent overeating later in the day. Dieticians have also told us for years, and continue to do so, that eating a big breakfast will keep us full throughout the day and keep portion size down - but this new study from Germany debunks the myth. Researchers with the Else-Kroner-Fresenius Center of Nutritional Medicine in Munich surveyed 380 people - 280 were obese and 100 were of normal weight.    After analyzing what they ate over a two week period, they found that some people sometimes skipped breakfast and other times consumed either a big or small meal, however, those who ate a larger breakfast – (defined as being an average of 400 calories more than a small breakfast) -- ended up consuming 400 calories more throughout the day.The results also demonstrated that people ate the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast.> in our Sustainability focus those morning we take a look at Shrimp Aquaculture StandardsAs the amount of seafood consumption increases we are becoming increasingly aware of the issues associated with farmed fish. The World Wild Life Fund, the world’s largest conservation organization, is working on standardizing aquaculture. Currently shrimp aquaculture standards are under review-- as today, one half of the shrimp eaten globally is farmed.  I spoke with Jose Villalon from World Wildlife Fund earlier this week to talk us through some of the issues. Where are we currently in the process of creating global standards for shrimp aquaculture, and other species? How are the key environmental and social impacts associated with shrimp farming being addressed in the standards? What are some of the most significant changes since the initial standards drafts were put up for review? 
It seems like there is going to be a new group created to manage the standards- can you tell me a little more about this…
Thank you Jose, for more on this issue, just click on the "Information Links" to my left.> It appears that the hit of the NRF Big Show was a device that can ease the stress of making dinner, in this week's Xtreme Retail we take a look at what Intel, Pan-Oston and a few other technology innovators have in store for us.Take a stroll past the kiosk and the digital device zooms in on your face and instantly determines your gender and age group, then suggests foods for you to make for dinner.  For somebody who looks like she might be a mom of school-age kids, the kiosk might recommend hot dogs with a side of mac 'n' cheese. One glaring mistake however might turn off the shopper to never return to the store or that brand. For example, what if that person who the kiosk thought looked like a mom doesn't have kids? or someone who looks fit and trim just left the doctor's office with a caution to consume less fat for risk of a stroke might just be giving the wrong information on making a pot roast that evening, of course smothered with french fries?  The “Meal Planning Solution,” was part of Intel's “connected store” which debuted at The National Retail Federation Convention, sometimes we need a bit more than just facial recognition software to provide a solution to help retailers and advertisers deliver more targeted content for individual viewers. >Each year we work closely with the National Grocers Association and ConAgra Foods to a benchmarked survey of the SupermarketGuru Consumer Panel. Published at the NGA Convention  on February 15th, this survey gives a snapshot of what consumers throughout the country are seeking from their supermarkets and the products within those four walls. Here is a sneak peak.‘Caring about shoppers’ is an element explored for the first time in this year’s study.  Do consumers nationwide feel that their primary supermarket cares about them?  The good news is that 89% say yes. The bad news is that much of that caring seems tepid: 55% feel the caring is ‘moderate,’ while just 34% say ‘yes, absolutely.’  Caring is not about feeling good. It’s a linchpin to unshakeable retailer-consumer-shopper relationships. In tough times, as we have lived through over the past few years, people and stores need each other more.   Households are also cooking more, and they feel pretty good about doing it. Indeed, 69% of America’s adults are ‘confident in the kitchen,’ 55% ‘like to experiment, create own recipes,’ and 47% consider themselves ‘enthusiastic cooks’.The complete survey will be available for download on February 15th in our information link section and at TheLempertReport.com   >Food News Today continues the discussion right now with a live chat. Type your question or comment about any of the stories you just heard.  
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